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Neota Logic – The legal Tetris but way easier

Create a legal application, without a single code, on this award-winning platform

"Codes, servers, clouds, birds, seeds ..."

Tech-talk often comes across in this way, a blur of familiar words leading many to skedaddle away from anything "technology".

You’re not alone, but there’s hope.

Introducing Neota Logic, a no-code intelligent automation platform for designing, building, and maintaining legal and compliance applications.

Applications? – yes, any program that runs on your device is an application, such as web browsers, email platforms, or word processors.

Neota Logic launched in 2010 after a group of renowned lawyers realized that there was a rising opportunity for technology to complement the practice of law.

They were well aware of the many misconceptions surrounding technology and even the very meaning of an application. Neota Logic was thus specifically designed for the legal professional, and individuals, who don’t know how to code but want to build and deploy various tools for their practice.

Whether it be to facilitate case intakes or automate the creation of a contract. You name it, you can make it.

10 years later, Neota Logic is in trusted use by various law firms across the globe, from North America and Europe, to Asia and Australia.

Wondering how this goodness works?

Well, let’s say you’re a lawyer that’s finding it somewhat daunting to constantly have to figure out if a certain regulation applies to a client or not. You may be thinking,

“How great would it be if I had a questionnaire that would spit out a result automatically?”

Say no more!

By simply visiting Neota Logic, you can get a login, and have access to a cloud-hosted platform that you can access right on your web browser.

After watching a few tips, you would begin formatting the given template by inputting your desired questions, answer options, and even specifying how you want the results to be sent.

All without a single code, just dragging and dropping!

Neota Logic also offers two formats in which you can create your applications:

The first being Canvas - a truly no-code, no training required template where you can create any desired application.

However, if your needs exceed the introductory offerings of Canvas, you can easily transition to Studio.

Studio is no-code as well, but with a few extra guides and tutorials, you can create more advanced applications. The best part of it all is that you can easily transition your work from Canvas to Studio without any loss.

As a global game-changer in the field of legal tech, Neota Logic would not be truly “global” without a sparkle of Canada.

Max Paterson

Max Paterson is a fellow Canadian based out of New York, who serves as Neota Logic’s VP of Global Customer Success, ensuring that customers have the support in place in order to create their desired tools.

As a lawyer himself, Max is aware of the needs of legal practice in the North American context, but also the various opportunities,

"Neota allows legal professionals to translate their legal knowledge into actual tools that can assist their practice. Especially now in the context of remote work, there is no more pertinent time to engage virtual and self-help tools in order to bring about important solutions to the rising needs of legal practice."

The Neota Logic team is also cognisant of the great force of good their services could be in terms of access to justice,

"Our platform empowers users who might have been scared off by “tech-talk” and the illusion that you have to hire a Dev team for thousands of dollars, in order to implement technology in their practice. We changed that narrative and are allowing for greater democratization of legal information."

The Neota Logic platform is primarily in English, but apps can be developed in every language imaginable, with apps having been created in Chinese, Japanese, French, and more.

Neota Logic is truly a global legal tool facilitating the implementation of legal technology and access to justice across the world.

Join Neota Logic’s annual user group, the Neota Network, RSVP here: Neota Network


To find out more about Neota Logic please visit: Neota Logic

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