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Optimize Legal – Easy & legal compliance, reunited at last

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Simplifying legal compliance in a regulation-heavy world

"Optimize" and "legal", there are probably no two words that have been meant for each other more than these two, but they have always been shy and waiting for the other to make the first move.

Fear no more, they have now become one.

Introducing Optimize Legal, a legal information company that allows for simple access to valuable legal information, or as one user calls it, “a super service”.

Its mission is “to break down Canada’s legislation and regulations into manageable components”.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, big or small, laws and regulations apply to us all.

(Hope you enjoyed that rhyme).

However, often it’s hard to grasp an understanding of the regulations that must be complied with.

Enter Optimize Legal.

Optimize Legal provides an easy-access platform - updated in real-time - through which law firms, and businesses alike, can better track the regulations they must follow.

Of course, as we know by now, behind every great innovation is an even greater innovator.

Lesha Van Der Bij - Founder & CEO, Optimize Legal

Meet Lesha Van Der Bij, Optimize Legal's Founder and CEO.

Lesha practiced law and worked in various capacities in the legal industry for over 20 years. This provided her an in-depth understanding of the needs of legal practice, but also the needs of clients. Lesha reflects,

“During my years of practice, I noticed how we [lawyers] would have access to tons of information that would be helpful to our clients, such as the breakdown of regulations. However, we rarely made this basic legal information available to clients. Usually, basic legal information was only provided as a part of formal legal advice, costing the client thousands of dollars in billable hours."

Lesha began to develop the concept behind Optimize Legal and became convinced that this innovative solution was exactly what the legal industry lacked. She indicates,

“Acts and regulations are constantly changing. They’re hard to find and are different in every jurisdiction. For example, each province has its own requirements, so if you have an office in each province, you would be subject to them all. It’s difficult to piece it all together.”

Optimize Legal launched in 2016 and currently has three products used in law firms and businesses across the country. They include: Optimize Employment, Optimize Pensions, and Optimize Compliance.

Optimize Compliance, the latest addition launched with co-founder Gayle Wadden, provides solutions to legal compliance questions - helping enterprises track and meet their legal obligations.

Whether it’s legislation on health and safety or employment standards, Optimize Compliance translates it into plain English.

Furthermore, it provides side-by-side comparisons of amendments to laws making changes easy to understand.

Most of all, you can connect Optimize Compliance with other products!

For instance, if you have an HR policy with sections that are subject to change, Optimize Compliance can directly connect to your policy and flag the relevant sections that need updating.

How do you get your hands on these features?

You simply visit Optimize Legal, request an online demo and sign up.

For the near future, Optimize Legal hopes to continue expanding its offerings and perfecting their accessibility, especially as COVID-19 continues to present unprecedented challenges and new regulations.


You can find out more about Optimize Legal here: Optimize Legal

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