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CiteRight - Adding extra goodness to legal research

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

CiteRight, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is that one English teacher in high school stressing the importance of citations, enforcing it with the occasional percentage dock on your final mark.

Eventually, we’re introduced to citation generators, saving loads of time… and grades.

However, if you’re someone working in the legal system, “automated citations” is a phrase that feels unimaginable to even say.

Fear no more, CiteRight is here.

(Comes in on chariots of fire with an orchestra blaring in the back as it makes its majestic entrance).

CiteRight is a knowledge platform, a library of legal research that automates the mundane and tedious tasks of litigation. Instead of spending hours formatting common court documents, CiteRight takes you straight from the initial research stage to the final product.

Aaron Wenner - Founder & CEO

Founded by Aaron Wenner, a lawyer who witnessed the archaic methods of litigation at many major law firms in Canada, he thought there must be an easier way.

Enter CiteRight.

From a germ of an idea in 2017, to a major resource for Canada’s most prominent firms in 2019. CiteRight has proved to be one of the many saving graces the legal practice doesn’t even know it needs.

Well how does this ingenious tool work?

It’s actually quite simple, and dare I say, fool-proof.

You first install it as a plugin on Microsoft Word. Then, as you’re doing your legal research, looking at various cases, you can download the citation of a case straight from your browser and have it saved on CiteRight for you to use later in Microsoft Word.

Your research then “lives” right beside your existing Word document, with a CiteRight tab open to the right. This allows easy access to citations saved by yourself, and even by others within your firm. Furthermore, once you click on a saved citation, it opens the case immediately - right beside your document, avoiding the redirect to a web browser.

Say goodbye to split-screens!

Additionally, you can copy and paste text from cases and include it directly in your document. All the while CiteRight keeps track, and even includes in your citation the exact paragraphs included.

Wondering how it all comes together?

By the click of a button. Quite literally. Your document is generated by CiteRight, with perfect formatting. Yes, it even includes those strange sidebars in a book of authorities.

With CiteRight you can easily collaborate with colleagues within your firm, and you can see the context of their legal research. No need for emailing documents back and forth to each other… it’s all easily accessible on CiteRight.

To find out more about the specifics please visit: How it works

Flabbergasted? Go get a big sip of water now because CiteRight is just getting started.

The CiteRight team has a lot in store for its future, with various new additions coming soon.

For example, being able to find past research done by a lawyer within your firm, and how they included a specific case in their argument… stay tuned!

However, currently as the world comes to terms with COVID-19, CiteRight has gone the extra mile.

They have come to the aid of many firms needing to transition their operations virtually by offering their services for free for a considerable period.

They have also developed the only cross-Canada database for court updates. Most resources at present only target specific provinces, but CiteRight gives you the bigger picture.

Please visit: COVID-19 Resources

CiteRight also hopes to offer its services “en Français”, to allow legal practitioners in Quebec to benefit from its perks as well.

“Vraiment? C’est pas possible!” Possibly the thoughts of my fellow francophones.

If you’re a legal practitioner, or work in a firm with lawyers, and this is news to you… don’t wait any longer. As Jeremy Spira, CiteRight’s Director of Business Development quipped, add some “extra goodness” to your legal research.


For more information, please visit: CiteRight

You can follow CiteRight on:


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