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From the Editor

Welcome to firmup!

If it's your first time, or you just can't help coming back, it's a pleasure to have you.

Your burning desire to uphold the splendour and integrity of the justice system is one we share, so consider yourself at home.  

This platform began as an ode to all-things law while a raging pandemic was uncovering the dire needs of our beloved justice system. Notably, bridging the gap between innovation and the legal profession, along with providing greater access to justice, became abundantly clear. As the only bilingual source for all-things legal innovation, firmUp's mission is to be a humble bridge in this massive, but attainable endeavour. 


May your horizons expand as you read on fellow colleagues, mates, or absolute strangers creating airwaves for the better in the Canadian justice system. Read on and enjoy.


Isabela Bibulovic, BComm


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