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UpWord Communications– Reconciling aesthetic and the law

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

“Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products.” – Al Ries

Often the term “marketing” is thrown around in order to refer to the branding of a specific product, such as a toy or a jar of tomato sauce. Well, if Mad Men taught us nothing, it’s so much more.

A 2015 study that sought to analyze the correlation between the aesthetics of a visual product with consumers’ price sensitivity, was published in the Procedia Economics and Finance Journal, and it conclusively stated, “visual aesthetics of products create value for consumers” – newsflash!

Regardless if a toy or a legal service is being offered, it’s all in the presentation – a fact lawyers sometimes disregard.

As COVID-19 looms over us, the need for an online presence has never been greater. Thus, many legal firms are beginning to rethink their marketing strategy.

“I smell creativity” – Don Draper

Introducing UpWord Communications - a boutique marketing agency that helps legal professionals raise their profile and attract new business in a highly competitive market.

It launched at the beginning of 2020 and provides services that range from creating engaging website content to social media management, all in order to ensure the lawyer’s expertise is underscored.

Patricia MacInnis - Founder and President

The concept was conceived by Patricia MacInnis, Founder, and President of UpWord Communications, who previously worked as a legal news editor.

With a background in journalism, she had an insider’s perspective of legal practice, but also the ability to identify certain needs through a different lens. She notes,

“Lawyers are busy professionals who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to marketing, but it’s essential to their business development efforts… I frequently heard from lawyers who were having challenges finding the right resources to help them with marketing initiatives.”

Patricia then gathered a team of former journalists along with communication professionals and built UpWord Communications from the ground up.

Patricia adds,

“We develop long-term relationships with clients, which allows us to create more value for them over time –– by truly understanding their area of practice, where they want to build their business, and identifying opportunities for media exposure or participation in events.

Crafting compelling content that is helpful but yet relatable is our secret sauce.”

Throughout Patricia’s career, she has also noted the need for legal innovation, especially now in her work within legal marketing.

She says,

“When I started in the legal industry, one thing that immediately stood out was the lack of innovation. Ironically, the pandemic has had a positive impact in that regard with virtual case conferences and online mediations taking the place of in-person events.”

UpWord Communications is also one of the rare initiatives that can claim to have launched during a pandemic, and survived!

Patricia reflects,

“As far as marketing goes, we have had great success bringing the legal community together with webinars via Zoom during the pandemic. It’s so much easier and cost-efficient to connect a group of lawyers for an educational session thanks to online tools. It saves time for everyone involved and allows for collaboration without the investment of traditional conferences or seminars.”

For the future, UpWord Communications hopes to be regarded as Canada’s “leading legal marketing agency, with an unrivaled reputation for quality content and client service.”

Prepare to be UpWord-ed.


You can find out more about UpWord Communications here: UpWord

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