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The Lawyers Lounge - Where all are welcome

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Engaging legal analysis brought to you by Emond Publishing

Start a beat. Queue the piano. Wait for a bit, just a bit more… and now queue the trumpet.

An intriguing duet and a seamless harmony with an elevator-like coziness can be heard.

If you hear anything remotely similar to this then you’ve probably stumbled upon an episode of The Lawyers Lounge podcast.

The Lawyers Lounge is a criminal law focused podcast brought to you by Emond Publishing, co-hosted by Canadian criminal defence lawyers, Lisa Jørgensen and Danielle Robitaille,

accessible 24/7, and free of charge (don’t worry your lawyer won’t send you any kind of invoice).

The Lawyers Lounge launched in March 2020, providing listeners with legal analysis that they could only dream of ever being able to afford – granted it’s not legal advice, so don’t go to your lawyer saying “The Lawyers Lounge told me so”.

With guests from across the country, renowned legal practitioners and experts, The Lawyers Lounge most certainly does not lack in content. Especially in these times of the plague, COVID-19, it is a valuable resource, providing updates on the developments of criminal practice and procedure.

Danann Hawes

The idea behind The Lawyers Lounge was conceived by Danann Hawes, Senior Publisher at Emond Publishing.

Danann noted the appeal of podcasts to the wider public. He saw how podcasts had a unique ability to convey in-depth content faster than a written publication would… and entirely free.

Now, include criminal defence lawyers and crown attorneys in that picture, and the format becomes quite attractive.

Criminal defence lawyers and crown attorneys, spend a bulk of their time traveling to court, and only a talented few can read whilst in movement - just the thought of that may make you woozy. Therefore, a podcast is the ideal partner. (No pun intended)

Let’s get to know the hosts…

Lisa Jørgensen

Lisa Jørgensen, is a respected criminal defence lawyer with extensive experience, having worked with the Crown, major criminal defence firms and now a partner at Ruby Shiller Enenajor DiGiuseppe, Barristers. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Criminal Lawyers Association. Lisa has a busy trial, appellate and regulatory practice, appearing at all levels of court in Ontario, and before disciplinary hearings and tribunals.

(Don’t forget to breathe)

Danielle Robitaille

Danielle Robitaille, is a partner at Henein Hutchison. Her practice focuses on criminal, regulatory and disciplinary litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. She defends both individuals and corporations charged with regulatory or criminal offences, appearing before all levels of court. She is an active member of the Inmate Appeal Duty Counsel Program for the Court of Appeal for Ontario and is Senior Counsel to the Honourable Justice Michael Tulloch on the Independent Police Oversight Review.

These are just snapshots of Lisa’s and Danielle’s impressive legal careers, so why host a podcast?

Danielle responds,

“The topics we wanted to cover really resembling a sampling of what you might hear in a local lawyer’s lounge; part-substantive legal update, part gossipy lifestyle content, and part philosophical musings…Because we all found ourselves in dire circumstances, once COVID hit some of our aspirations for lighter fare took a bit of a backseat. I am proud of how, with Danann’s support at Emond, we were able to pivot and be responsive to the current moment and mood of the bar across the country.”

Lisa adds,

“Being a criminal lawyer can be isolating, even before COVID confined us all to our homes. We started The Lawyers’ Lounge to create a space where criminal lawyers could tune in to feel connected to their community, no matter where they are.”

In case you haven't realized yet, this is no ordinary podcast.

Guests aren't just made welcome, a select few are even given awards. Hospitality at its finest.

With several Lounge Star recipients already in the books, these are individuals who are serving in the justice system in various roles seeking to emphasize the “just” in justice. Whether they be a journalist, civil servant or lawyer, they have all contributed to the betterment of the system.

Technology also finds its way in the airwaves. Many guests can be heard noting the antiquity of the justice system, and the occasional anecdote of chasing papers across courtrooms.

With such an abundance of opportunity for innovation, you would not be alone in thinking that lawyers present their arguments with chalk and a blackboard.

For an outsider, especially an innovator looking to address the pertinent needs of legal practice, The Lawyers Lounge lets you be the proverbial “fly on the wall” and gain an insider's perspective.

In terms of the future, The Lawyers Lounge seeks to continually raise the bar (this pun was intended).

Senior Publisher Danann Hawes notes,

“We're hoping to include more segment variance, non-Ontario guests, polls, different awards, and hopefully some sponsors. We really want to be the go-to legal podcast in the country.”

Some of the new segments mentioned include the Technology Corner, where diverse products that could be helpful for criminal law practice would be featured. Innovators stay tuned!

The Lawyers Lounge is always open, so don’t hesitate to stop by.


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